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Editor-in-Chief Collen Miller
Former Editor-in-Chief Jordan Petteys
Chief Copy Editor Leila Scott
Assignment Editor Perrin Smith
Assistant Copy Editor Eve Katz
Chief Photo Editor Kendra Frankle
Photo Editor Rachele Terranova
Chief Video Editor Paige Mathieson
Video Editor Becca Wolfe
Motion Graphics Coordinator Meg Aki
Marketing Manager Negan Fu
Design and Graphic Team:

Ivan Delgado
Hannah Harris
Halle Garrett
Collen Miller
Krista Miller
Sydney Shine
SCAD District Rebrand
District is Savannah College of Art & Design's Student News source about student life, Savannah news, and SCAD event coverage. District saw the opportunity to create a sustainably designed legacy given the reliance on digital foot traffic for news and social connection at an all time high in 2020. My goal was to create a new brand identity that spoke to the visuals and experiences of students on the Savannah campus. 
- A dramatic decrease in online readers due to remote schooling
- Limited name recognition within SCAD student body
- Inconsistent style across social media platforms
- Add symbol logo to increase icon recognition on web and print media
- Develop asset library using cohesive visual elements and color palette
- Introduce a quarterly e-magazine, District in Bloom to increase foot traffic and online engagement to all of District's platforms.
When researching ways to incorporate a symbol that communicates the quality and news-worthy work District generates. I looked at local Savannah icons such as the Talmadge Memorial Bridge merged with SCAD's mascot, the bee, for shapes. In development, I played with abstraction of a bee using circular lines and confining shapes such as circles and diamonds that progressed into ideas of looking similar to a pinpoint or thought bubble. The final logo emerged through tweaking of the rigid diamond and circular bee icon from earlier design. 
Logo Development 
Mock guidelines for social media presence
District In Bloom
In an 8 month stretch, District collaborated with SCAD designers from a variety of industries to produce an e-magazine that revived the storytelling of print media presentation. District in Bloom pushes journalism in a different direction, making student and alumni art at its core. This endeavor required print and publication guidelines, many rounds of rough sketch layouts and illustrative design. Below are the three spreads I was responsible for designing or presentation of new logo mark. View Magazine here
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