Door by Caroline Polachek
Initial Analysis
Caroline Polachek’s album, Pang, revolves around love and symbolic transformation. Her breathy, siren song Door
can be seen as an interpretation of a round-a-bout relationship. However, upon further analysis, it is about the realization to be freed despite the consequences of the unknown. The song alludes that this is the aftermath in, “And the door slams hard behind you when you leave the house of judgment.” She is waiting to be struck with a reckoning and continually describes herself as permeable as she chases this “you,” through all doors opened. In the music video, this “you” is her inner-self as all portals are distortions of herself.
Concept of Style Frames
This is an inner journey, the ethereal outer body experience. It is the cycle of running back to one's self. Through the outer body experience p.o.v of the character they experience a penrose effect of never-ending running. Composed within surrealistic settings, this character is faced with empty silhouettes and chasing this illuminated shadow, an illusion. The character finally reaches a keyhole portal before crashing back down to the bottom. Though, this is the necessary reckoning that the desired shadow is the other half of themselves.
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