Glitched The Visions of Lillian Schwartz

Illustrator, Photoshop

This exhibition features Lillian Schwartz’ life as an innovative designer and animator after contracting chorioretinitis. Through interactive projection of corrosive visuals that reveal excerpts from interviews, the exhibition brings to life the perception altering experiences and it’s influence on her animations.

Lillian Schwartz is an artist and computer animator pioneer who lost her
perception of depth and color due to chorioretinitis caused by exposure
to radiation. While working as a Navy nurse in Japan, she contracted
polio that paralyzed her and altered her perception of conceptualization.
Schwartz turned inward, to her mind, and visualized completed pieces in
exquisite clarity and color. Since then, Schwartz has since used her ailments to create innovative animation technology shown in a psychedelic style.

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